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Perks & Benefits

Why should "Yami" get the minimum when they don't give the minimum? We want to find, keep, and reward top-tier talent. If our team isn't properly supported, it won't be able to crush its way to the top, which implies fostering a greater quality of life both inside and outside the organization. The following is a short list of current benefits and perks available to qualifying employees.

Healthcare & Benefits

Individual or family health benefits are provided based on qualifying and selection.

level Up

On the basis of work performance and internal relationships, everyone has the opportunity to promote to the next level.

Lunch/Dinner Benefits

We are all hungry to quench our appetite. As a result, we provide lunch and dinner based on a selection process.

Off the Clock

For anyone who works overtime, we provide tip, food, transportation, or lodging.

Hungry for More

We keep our kitchen stocked with all the goodies, snacks, and treats you could possibly need to fuel up, any time of day (or night).

Work from Home

We provide the option of working from home depending on the environment, situation, or selection method.

Advance Credit/Loans

On the basis of eligibility or fidelity, we offer advance payment or a loan facility.

Data/Phone Bill

We pay personal or family internet or phone bills based on eligibility or a selection process.

Online Shopping Voucher

We offer such as online shopping vouchers to improve work performance or to provide additional based on work performance.

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Illustration / Sketch Artist


Location: India : West Bengal

Publish on Feb. 16, 2023
Senior Client Services Manager


Location: Bangladesh, Estonia, India

Publish on Nov. 26, 2022


Location: Junboni(West Bengal, India)

Publish on Nov. 26, 2022
Assistant Application Engineer


Location: Global

Publish on Aug. 11, 2022